The Best 1 Day Itinerary for Hershey, Pennsylvania

Hershey’s Chocolate World by Tickets For Four

Where is the sweetest place on earth? Well its located right in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Hershey’s Park admission tickets includes access to three major parks with one ticket price; Boardwalk, Zoo America, and Hershey Park. With things to do for the whole family it is easy to see why this is the sweetest place on earth. We had the opportunity to explore Hershey’s Park and created this list to help you make this the sweetest trip ever!

Hershey’s Park opens it’s gate at 10:00 AM but, you will want to get there before 9:00 AM for the best parking spot, and to access your first stop. To make the most out of your time at Hershey’s Park, arrive early and follow the signs to park in the parking lot for Hershey Park. Here you will pay the best price for your day. Looking for the best place to stay? Stay at Radisson Hotel Harrisburg just a short drive away. Read our review here. Hershey’s Park offers a free shuttle service from the parking lot to the park entrance and vice versa, which is both convenient and reliable. You can easily make your way back and forth to your car if needed at no extra cost. Outside food is not allowed in the park and outside beverages are limited to one a person.

One sweet deal that Hershey’s Park offers is the sweet sneak peek that is included in every Hershey Park ticket. Just show your ticket the evening before your visit and you can enjoy up to 2.5 extra hours with the Preview Plan. So if you arrive earlier than expected on your journey try out the Preview Plan to make the most of your trip.

Chocolate World

Arriving earliest allows you to access Chocolate World which is located right next to the Hershey Park entrance. Chocolate World opens at 9:00 AM a whole hour before Hershey Park does. Giving you an hour to explore, shop, and take the FREE Chocolate Tour. Where you will take an interactive tour on the the transformation of cocoa beans into the famous Hershey’s Chocolate. Take a ride on some Hershey Kisses through this immersive experience. At the end of your tour, you will enjoy a complimentary Hershey’s product sample.

” One is only happy in proportion as he makes others feel happy”

– M. Hershey

Chocolate World by Tickets For Four


Hershey’s Park Entrance by Tickets For Four

We suggest heading over to the park entrance before 10:00 AM when the gates open. From Chocolate World, you can either walk or take the parking lot tram. We suggest walking as it is a very short 2-3 minute walk. This gives you plenty of time to pick up your tickets if you have not, go through security, and finally check in. Your time in the park depends on each individual. Before your trip, it is a good idea to check the Hershey’s Park Ride List to see what you may be interested in trying. Some rides have short waits while others can be up to two hours depending on the ride. We have put together some family ride suggestions for your trip.

Reese’s Cupfusion

Reese’s Cupfusion is one of the newest rides in the park. This interactive game ride includes a sensory adventure with multiple ways to play for the entire family. A favorite within the park as their is always a long line. One of the reasons we suggest doing this first. Some wait times can last up to two hours.

The Carousel

One of the first rides you come upon entering the park. The Carousel is a favorite among families everywhere as its accessible among most riders. A piece of childhood nostalgia and a not to be missed. You will be surprised on this one. Our kids have dubbed this the fastest carousel they have ever been on.

Misfit Bug

The Misfits from The Reese’s Cupfusion have their own ride. Riders fly around a small track at a low speed with bumps and turns.

Dizzy Drums

This is a low-speed, gentle alternative to the Tea Cups located in the Founder’s Way region of the park. The riders control the spin so it can spin as fast or as little as you want.

Frontier Flyers

Riders steer their way through the air and enjoy the cool breeze. Riders can decide how high they fly by using the movable front fin. This ride is located in Pioneer Frontier℠ region of Hersheypark.


The Whip turns and twists on the fun, fast-paced track. It is one of the oldest rides that has stayed though Hersheypark development.


Sit next to your favorite person for the best tour through Hershey Park! The Monorail is located in the Founder’s Way area. Take an elevated round-trip audio tour over Hershey Park, Zoo America, and parts of historic downtown Hershey.

Tea Cups

Another ride filled with childhood nostalgia. Sit and enjoy the ride! take it slow or spin as fast as you can the rider is in control. This is located in The Hollow region at Hershey Park.

Frog Hopper

For those who are not ready for the Hershey Triple Tower. The Frog Hopper is the perfect ride for them. It’s even better with an amazing big brother who will go with you for support. This ride lifts younger passengers then “hops” them back down. The Frog Hopper is located in the Kissing Tower Hill area of Hershey Park.


ZooAmerica by Tickets For Four

The fact that ZooAmerica is located within Hershey’s Park just makes everything more convenient. With its cost being covered under your admission tickets makes it more economical for you. We found it helpful to visit the Zoo during the hottest times of the day. The vast amount of trees and shaded coverage made it a great way to cool down while still enjoying the park. Here you can experience some world learning and view beautiful creatures such as the Roseate Spoonbill as pictured. There is no specific time into which you can visit the Zoo. Please do keep in mind though that the Zoo does close before the actual park itself closes. Visiting the Zoo is a great way to keep cool while taking in the wondrous creatures within our world here at Hershey’s.

The Boardwalk

Tidal Force in The Boardwalk at Hershey’s Park by Tickets For Four

The Boardwalk is a great Summer edition to Hershey’s Park. It is an 11 acre water park within Hershey’s Park. Your Summer general admission tickets also covers this attraction. With over 17 attractions including water slides, splash pads, lazy rivers, wave pools, pier, waterworks, plunges, and the notorious Tidal Force. The Tidal force is a ride located in the Boardwalk as pictured. Riders journey up a steep, 100-foot incline before diving downhill at speeds exceeding 50 mph. Riders are met with one of the largest splashes in Hersheypark! Another excellent part of this ride is for the bystanders outside the ride waiting to be splashed. Get the best spot and watch from Tidal Force water ride bridge to get a guaranteed prime spot to get soaked. No worries if you can’t make the bridge. The areas surrounding the bridge are great spots to get soaked also. How do you know if you got a good spot? If the floor is wet you have a good chance to get in on the epic splash.

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