On the Old Montreal Food Tour

Crew Collective & Café on the Old Montreal Food Tour by Tickets For Four

The Old Montreal Food Tour is a unique way to experience and explore everything that Old Montreal has to offer. It is a mixture of food deliquesces, history, and an adventure through Old Montreal that you may not get to experience otherwise. The tour is put together by Local Montreal Food Tours who also offer other food tours in Montreal.

The Old Montreal Food Tour is three hours long and covers about 1.4 miles (2.3 km) of Old Montreal by foot. The cost per adult is $65 CAD for this food tour. If you wish to enjoy the wine and craft beer parings you will need the adult + alcohol ticket which is $72 CAD. We recommend trying the adult+alcohol tickets as each alcohol drink is paired perfectly with the food you will be enjoying. There are five stops on this tour which includes three sit down restaurants, one brew pub, and pastry shops.

Your tickets price includes the cost for all of your meals, tips to the helpful staff at each location, and of course your tour guide.

We had taken the tour as a family and our children both very much enjoyed it. If you are worried about picky little eaters you will do just fine here. The kids will enjoy some bagels, poutine, soup, macaroons, and carrot cake along the way. With plenty to see along their tour. By contacting Local Montreal Food Tours and letting them know about food restrictions before hand, you will have an easier experience. You should however bring bottled water along with you on your tour. Some stop may offer water to drink but having some water between stops is very helpful.

Your tour begins at Crew Collective & Café which is located in one of Montréal’s historic banks. There, you will meet your guide and the rest of your group for an introduction to the tour and area.

You will then make your way over to the first stop which is located in the building at the converted cafe and co-working space.

1. Collective & Café

Smoked Salmon bagel at Crew Collective & Café by Tickets For Four

The first stop is a sit down location. Here you will enjoy a sesame smoked salmon bagel which is a specialty here. You will have some time to enjoy your bagel and learn about the history of the building. The building itself is very beautiful with its intricate ceiling and stone flooring. As you can see, even our children enjoyed this stop as well. The stop is very busy inside as it is a co-working space. There is plenty of available seats to find a spot and enjoy your food. Which we are sure that you will enjoy.

2. Cookie Stéfanie

Cookie Stéfanie by Tickets For Four

Cookie Stefanie is your second stop on the tour. Here you will find out about some of the laws in Quebec in regards to French and English words on shops. You will make your way inside this Gluten Free bakery for this food stop. Here you will be treated to a sampling of the bakery favorite Gluten Free Carrot Cake. We can see how it is a favorite here in this shop! The carrot cake is very moist and topped with cream cheese frosting. We could not wait to take a bite!

Besides all of the delicious food you will enjoy on the Old Montreal Food Tour. You will enjoy learning and viewing Montreal from a different perspective. On this tour, you will learn and hear about Montreal History and Culture from your local guide.

With some notorious landmarks and some hidden destinations only known to locals you will be very surprised along your tour. While questions and photos are encouraged on the tour you are unable to record any video. The Old Montreal Food Tours run Monday through Saturday with different time slots available.

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal by Tickets For Four

3. Modavie

French Onion Soup at Modavie by tickets For Four

Your third stop includes your second sit down meal. The Modavie is a very cozy restaurant with open stone walls inside. Here you will enjoy some French Onion soup paired with a tasting glass of Rosé. The French Onion Soup is very delicious and was a favorite among all. The soup itself contains two different cheeses gruyere and cheddar cheese. Wine paired Rosé is from Québec and is traditionally made which was explained by the staff member. The pairing of the soup with the Rosé is excellent and the staff here was very informative. Take a moment to enjoy some warm soup and rest your feet for a bit before heading to your next stop.

Rosé at Modavie by Tickets For Four

4. Maison Christian Faure

Maison Christian Faure Macaroon selection by Tickets For Four

Maison Christian Faure is your fourth food stop on the tour. This Pastry Shop is also a Pastry School. You can view some of the students sugar creations upon entering the building. This location is very busy. They had beautiful pastry pieces out on display both for viewing and some for purchasing. As part of the tour, we each received a macaroon. On our particular tour the macaroon flavor was vanilla. The staff of the pastry shop itself picks out what flavor you will have during your tour.

5.Bistro-Brasserie Les Soeurs Grises

Bistro-Brasserie Les Soeurs Grises Poutine by Tickets For Four

Your final stop on the Old Montreal Food Tour is at Bistro-Brasserie Les Soeurs Grises. This is also your final sit down meal and craft beer paring experience. This brewpub was named after the Grey Nun’s. The Grey Nuns are important figures in Montreal’s history. You will learn more about them on your food tour. At this stop you are served a Montreal favorite dish of Poutine. The restaurant serves up its sample dish of it’s “Nun’s Poutine”. The gravy in this poutine happens to be vegetarian and is very delicious. This might also be a kid favorite stop because honestly who does not like poutine?

The adult and alcohol ticket allows you to enjoy the wine from before and, a paring of craft beer here at this location. The craft beer is served in the glass pictured below.

Bistro-Brasserie Les Soeurs Grises Craft Beer by Tickets For Four
Old Montreal Food Tour by Tickets For Four

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On the Old Montreal Food Tour: The Old Montreal Food Tour is a unique way to experience and explore everything that Old Montreal has to offer. It is a mixture of food, history, and an adventure through Old Montreal that you may not get to experience otherwise. Here is what you need to know. #WhattodoinMontreal #MontrealFoodTour #Montreal #FoodTour #FoodDestinations #Foodie
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