21 Must Do’s in Edaville!

Edaville by Tickets For Four

Edaville is a Family Theme Park located in Carver, Massachusetts. This truly is a family theme park as their are rides for everyone in the family to enjoy. Cost of entrance is $37.00 for ages 4- 59 years old. For seniors 60+ and children ages 2-3 years old admission is $32.00 which is well worth the price. They also have countless of theme weekends and events happening throughout the year. You will get your money’s worth here.

Edaville is divided up into three areas; Cran Central, Thomas Land, and Dino Land. While each area of the park is amazing in its own way. You will find fun and memorable things to enjoy. Walk back in time and visit the Dinosaurs in Dino Land. Reminiscence childhood memories in Cran Central and make new ones! Visit the Island of Sodor and all the engines that inhabit it. We have put together a list of our 21 Must Do’s in Edaville! While this list is in no particular order.

  1. Take a Ride on Thomas
Thomas by Tickets For Four

Thomas takes you for a ride around Edaville. Hop on and take a ride around the park and through the scenic cranberry bogs. The train leaves every hour. There are both covered and uncovered places to sit. Insider Tip don’t wait too long to take a ride on Thomas. This should be one of the first things you do. Get there a bit early for your first choice in seats. We really enjoyed sitting in the uncovered areas.

2. Spinning Ladybug Coaster

Spinning Lady Bugs by Tickets For Four

This is one of the newest roller coaster at Edaville. If roller coaster that twisted, wined, and dropped were not thrilling enough for you this will also spin you! Take a seat on a ladybug fly through the figure 8 track as you spin your heart out.

3. Flying Elephants

Flying Elephants by Tickets For Four

This is a great ride for younger children. Hop on an elephant and soar into the air. This ride lets the rider be in control of the thrill. Want a thrilling experience push the button and soar up high. Want to enjoy a nice easy ride? You can choose how high you want to go!

4. Visit Dino Land

Dino Land is its own section of the park but it is definitively something that should not be missed! Some of the dinosaurs are animitronics with smoke and everything. Take a walk through the Jurassic period as you come across dinosaurs. Be weary as their are signs posted everywhere of not feeding the dinosaurs. Stop in at the Big Dig station to see if you can dig up some fossils before you go.

5. Make New Friends at Sodor

Friends in Sodor by Tickets For Four

Once you enter Thomas Land inside the park you are transported into Sodor. You will see the Old Post office and the Mills. Throughout the section of the park there are plenty of friends to take some Instagram worthy photos with.

6. Cranky’s Crane Drop

Crank’s Crane Drop by Tickets For Four

Take a smooth ride up Cranky. This ride is thrilling as it is high. On your way down be prepared to bounce back up. Don’t be surprised if you don’t want to get off the ride and want to go again and again!

8. Make a Wish

Sir Tophamhatt Fountain by Tickets for Four

There is a fountain with Sir Topham Hatt in Thomas Land. While you can’t throw a penny in this fountain to make a wish. It is still a great place to make a wish and cool off on a hot sunny day.

9. Winston’s Skyline Express

Winston’s Skyline Express by Tickets For Four

Enjoy a high tour around Sodor with Winston. Hope on the car and ride along the tracks as you see Thomas Land from another perspective. This ride is easy and smooth and a great way to enjoy the park.

10. Visit Tidmouth Shed

Emily at Edaville by Tickets For Four

Visit Tidmouth Shed and meet your favorite engines Gordon, James, Emily and Percy ! Catch the Cran-Tastic Cranberry Jubilee show here. The shows runs for about 30 minutes. You can catch the first show at 11:30 am and every hour and a half after that. Watch as the engines and Sir Topham Hatt work together to be very useful and try to break the world record for the biggest cranberry pie in Sodor.

11. Visit the Nut Tree

Nut Tree by Tickets For Four

Get in a basket and raise high into the air! You can use the controls to spin as much or as little as you like. Enjoy some high up views of the pond and rail tracks in Edaville.

12. Rockin’ Bulstrode

Ready to ride ROCKIN’ BULSTRODE ! Tickets For Four

This ride is great for kids and parents! Hop on this tug boat and sail back and forth. Bulstrode will then whirl your around in circles quickly. Don’t be surprised if you end up getting back on this ride for a few more times!

13. Sodor Play Zone

Playing in Sodor Play Zone by Tickets For Four

Edaville has a few indoor play areas and Sodor Play zone is one of them. This is great if there is some passing showers since you can pop on it and play until it passes. If you have younger children they can get out of the hot sun for awhile and still have fun. This play zone has its own area for toddlers and kids. They also have some seats for parents to wait. This is a sock only zone and they do have cubbies for shoes. Socks are available for purchase here for $2.00.

14. Sir Topham Hatt Meet & Greet

Meet and Greet with Sir Topham Hatt by Tickets For Four

Visit Tidmouth Sheds to meet Controller of the Railway, Sir Topham Hatt. Meet and Greets usually run after show times and again at 4:30 pm. This is a great opportunity for kids to meet some of their favorite characters from he shows.

15. Sodor’s Cranberry Carousel

Cranberry Carousel by Tickets For Four

Hop on the Cargo train! Find your favorite engine or sit in a cargo for a smooth ride. Enjoy your carousel train ride.

16. Visit the Sodor Sweet Shop

Sodor Sweet Shop by Tickets For Four

Stop in ate the Sodor Sweet Shop at Edaville. Grab some sweet treats to enhance your perfect day!

17. Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster

These troublesome trucks are definitely tricky. Hop on for a ride with lots of slopes and turns!

18. Big Eli: The Ferris Wheel

Big Eli Ride at Edaville by Tickets For Four

Get the best view from the highest point in Carver. Big Eli has been around since 1951 . Since then everyone has enjoyed the views of Carver, Massachusetts on Big Eli. This is truly a classic ride. For everyone’s safety this is a no single riders ride. Everyone rides as a pair.

19. Visit the Knapford Gift Co., The Thomas Land Gift Shop

Knapford Gift Co. by Tickets For Four

Visit the Thomas Land gift shop for a selection of Thomas & Friends items. You can find unique and exclusive items of Thomas & Friends only available here at the Knapford Gift Co. in the Edaville Family Theme Park.

20. Firefighting Flynn

Get ready to save the day with Flynn! Get into Flynn’s basket and help him put out the fire by shooting water to extinguish the flames. Ride around and balance yourself as you move up and down to extinguish the flames. Work by yourself or with a partner to save the day!

21. Visit the Old Post Office

Old Post Office in Edaville by Tickets For Four

Stop in at The Old Post Office which is located in the center of Thomas Land. Sit for some quiet time and watch some Thomas & Friends videos. You can relax in some comfy seats and curl up with a Thomas & Friends book. Don’t forget to write a message to the happy folks who work there and thank them.

21 Must Do's in Edaville!:Edaville is a Family Theme Park located in Carver, Massachusetts. This truly is a family theme park as their are rides for everyone in the family to enjoy.Edaville is divided up into three areas;  Cran Central, Thomas Land, and Dino Land. We have put together a list of our 21 Must Do's in Edaville! #Edaville #ThomasLand #WhatodoinCarverMA #EdavilleFamilyThemePark #DinoLand
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  1. Gretchen says:

    We went to Edaville a long time ago when my older kids were little….looks like they’ve added a bunch since then! We need to go back with my youngest 🙂


    1. Ghislain says:

      Such a great place to visit all year long!


  2. wellwornsuitcase says:

    What a fun place for train-obsessed kids! We loved that phase, it was a lot of fun!


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