Ultimate Guide to Exploring Your State

Oh the adventures we see!

One of the things that I hear the most when I talk about travelling is that they can’t afford to travel. While travelling farther away can accumulate the final price tag. Exploring your State can be FREE or cost you a small amount. You may have just moved to the area or, have lived there for years. Believe it or not, there is always something to do, to visit, to see, or to experience. Our Guide will help you in tackling all of them.

  1. Planning
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The key to any trip is planning. I know its sounds ridiculous but it really is. Even if you are exploring your own state planning is where you begin. You need to plan out your dates, look into weather forecasts, and activities into what you plan to do. Take into account the wants of what others in your family have been wanting to do or try. This will be the time to make it happen.

2. One Big Event

Tickets For Four at Legoland Boston

When planning your Stay-cation I recommend planning one big event. This can be a trip to a theme park, a water park, a show, or an experience. It can honestly be anything that would be a “Wow” factor in your schedule. Need help in planning that “Wow!” moment? Check out Groupon for ideas and discounts. Don’t forget to find discounts on your big event. Try googling “(name of big event) promo codes (year)” for online discounts. You can look into physical coupons as well. I once got a great deal on Legoland in Boston, MA through a coupon from Wendy’s at the cashier counter.

3. Utilize Local Resources to Save Money

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While you are looking for itinerary to fill up your schedule utilize local resources. Your state library has one of the best source of discounts on local museums and events believe it or not! All you need to access them is a library card. With their help you can get discounts to attractions and in some cases are able to get in for FREE! Just google search “(your state) museum passes”. This should lead you to an abundance of information. Are you a Sail’s Library Card holder? Click here for your museum pass list. Look for non-profit organizations that host free days throughout the year. You can do this by checking directly through the calendar of events of the location you which to visit. In Massachusetts, we celebrate Summer Free Fun Friday’s with the Highland Street Foundation. They help to get visitors to many treasured local venues in Massachusetts. This is open to everyone in Massachusetts residents and visitors alike. Just follow the schedule for the selected venues on selected days.

4. Visit A Historic Site

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

You may be thinking, “Hey, I am not a History buff”. That’s okay you don’t have to be to enjoy it. Historic museums and sites are a lot more than just a History Lesson. They are an experience of travelling back in time. Visit a battleship, walk through a submarine, or go back in time to an old village. You never know what you will enjoy unless you try it.

5. Get Outside

One of the main goals in making the most of exploring your state is just getting outside. You can do this in many ways. You can visit a park, go on a trail, go fishing, ride a bike, and other countless things. Part of exploring your own state or having a stay-cation is making sure to spend as much time as possible outside. The majority of things you can do are FREE. With some exceptions being fishing or flying a kite. Even these however can be a small invest for many future fun filled outings. Some parks do require paid entrances. See # 3 above to find ways to save money. You can always do a google search to find other ways too. Try Google searching for “(park name) free admission” or ” how to get in (park name) for free”.

6. Have a picnic

Go for a picnic!

When chaperoning a school field trip I was saddened to see how many kids had never been on a picnic before. We had sat down on the grass to break for lunch as the teacher announced, “Let’s have a picnic!” Only three in the entire class had been on a picnic previously. The rest of the class stated that it was their first time. A picnic is a great way to spend time together while being outside. You don’t need to have that perfect Instagram worthy picnic. Just grab and old blanket and pack a few sandwiches from home. This makes for much fun and memories that last a lifetime.

7. Go to the Beach/ Lake

Tickets For Four

Spend some time at your local beach or lake. Not a beach weather ? That’s okay. There is plenty still to do. You can play in the sand, throw rocks, and find treasures as you go for a walk. You can even have a picnic. If your local beach is not free check in with your library for passes for the day. Some libraries offer passes for the day to state beaches and parks. Need help packing a family beach bag? Check out this article here.

You don’t have to be let down because you are not able to have the Instagram vacation that you have wander lusted over. Enjoying a stay cation or exploring your state on breaks bring just as much wander lust as any other trip. The most is important part of any adventure is planning and knowing exactly what you want out of your trip. We hope our guide helps you explore!

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