AAA Travel Marketplace

AAA Travel Marketplace at Gillette Stadium

The AAA Travel Marketplace has the best prices on thousands of destinations. They offer packages on cruises, tours, touristic places, and road trips. The Marketplace features over one hundred different vendors. They also offer theaters of informative presentations from industry experts. Throughout the marketplace you will find great prizes and giveaways at almost every table. But what is it really like inside?

Inside AAA Northeast Marketplace

We where hosted by AAA Northeast and attended the AAA Northeast Marketplace in Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA. The cost of entry is less than seven dollars a person. Which you will make back in free travel swag at vendor tables. Seriously, a good luggage tag will run you about six to ten dollars each online or at the store. You can pick some up at some vendors table and already make your money back without even buying anything. Don’t let the cost be an issue for enjoying the marketplace. Another great thing. There was absolutely no pressure from any vendors. Don’t think that you will be attending and being hustled into buying a vacation because you won’t. Instead, you will be greeted by friendly people asking, “Are you enjoying the Marketplace?”

Once you enter you are given a bag. Take one because you will need it to carry all your new travel destination ideas. If you have kids bring back up bags because they will want all the brochures on the tables.

The Marketplace is basically what it sounds like. A Marketplace for travel vendors and representatives. It’s similar to your general market but instead of aisles you have sections and tables. Each section and tables belong to different travel related companies.

There are vendor tables from amusement parks, resorts, hotels, cruise lines, and even representatives from different states.

While this is a place to book your next travel destination and get some travel inspiration, you can even meet some very great people! The vendors at each table are very kind and friendly. They will offer you some of the best “To-do’s” and “What to see” in each region. They speak with you as a fellow traveler. Feel free to explore and talk to any of the representatives there.

DEALS! Let’s talk about deals. The AAA Marketplace is the place for deals. They have same day deals, booking deals, and deals that close at the end of the Marketplace event. While walking by tables, you will see some deals on displayed. The AAA Marketplace even offered booking rewards such as; spend an amount of money and get something for FREE like a luggage. There are deals on cruises, accommodations, and amusement parks. It’s best to actually attend the Marketplace to score them. Who would want to miss out on this ?

I will share this with you. This was a Marketplace deal for Hershey’s Park in Pennsylvania. A General Admission one day ticket is priced at $68.95 on their website. It was listed as a Show Special price of $42.00 per general ticket. That’s a savings of $28.95 per general admission ticket. For a family of four that is over $107.00 in savings in admission costs alone. I know everybody would love to save that kind of money.

As I mentioned previously, besides deals there are plenty of raffles, and sweepstakes that you can enter to win prizes. Our girl won an admission ticket to Southwick Zoo. So I guess you know one of our adventures will be taking us there.

The AAA Marketplace is something the whole family can enjoy. The kids had a blast. Each table can be a learning experience for them as they venture into each region. The representatives are friendly and knowledgeable. There are also great photo opportunities!

We were able to grab some lunch since the AAA Northeast Marketplace was being held at Gillette Stadium. we were able to grab some delicious lunch without leaving the Marketplace. I can’t forget the great views!

You can catch a presentation on each day of the Marketplace event.For specific dates and inquiry check with their website.

There are plenty of fun things to do and see. We hope you seek out your next adventure with AAA Marketplace! For a video tour of the AAA Northeast Marketplace visit our YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with all of our adventures!

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