3 Best Parks to Visit in Paris

Whether you are looking for a place to have a picnic or a break from your sightseeing tours. Vising reputable parks while on vacation is always a great idea. With so much to see and do in Paris what are the Best Parks to Visit? We have a list of our top 3 Best Parks to Visit in Paris with kids.

  1. Jardin d’ Acclimation

Jardin d’ Acclimation is basically two parks in one. It is part traditional park and part amusements park. It has a few nice playgrounds, rides, water areas, and even restaurants! The kids will love the playgrounds and splash zones. To enter the park in 2018 was 5 euros a person. The playground and water areas are included with the entrance. Here you will have access to the traditional park section. They have so many playground sections that will keep any child busy.

Rides cost extra. You can get an unlimited pass which cost 29 euros a child. If you have older children or know your kids will be going on a lot of rides the unlimited pass is worth the price. If you have smaller children who can only go on small rides, then just pay the admissions and walk through to see which rides you want to go on. I am glad we waited to see the rides that way we could decide what rides we wanted to do and how many tickets each of them required. For younger children, I think the latter option is best . There are machines located throughout the park where you can buy tickets. You can get a book of 15 attraction tickets for 35 euros. Most rides are 1 ticket per ride. That is plenty for two little kids.

 For a quick lunch, stop by the Vegan hot dog stand for a yummy and affordable lunch. If hot dogs are really not your style no worries. There are plenty of places to eat around the park. Don’t forget to save a ticket to ride the beautiful carousel!

2. Parc Lebaudy

This is our hidden gem! We found this park while looking for a place to have a picnic close to our hotel. This park was amazing. The canal run through it and you can sit on benches and eat your lunch while taking in the view. A playground for your little ones where they can do a whole lot of climbing. An outdoor fitness area. Plenty of areas to relax. There is no cost to enter this park. Did I mention there is an amazing flower garden ?

3. Jardin des Tuileries

Jardin des Tuileries is located near the Louvre Museum. This park is free to enter, and to enjoy the greenery. Rides are available for the children at a cost. The rides here are minimal and you can get better elsewhere. The park itself is quite beautiful and enjoyable.  Another downside is trying to get a seat there. The seats are always completely full no matter how many times you walk around to see if anyone has left. I honestly do not blame anyone from not wanting to leave it’s a visually beautiful park to spend the day in. However, for tired little ones, this may be a downfall.


La Defense

I know I said Top 3 but we appreciate our readers so much! So we threw this extra one in because we really want you to make the most of your trip. La Defense is located just outside of Paris. It is easily accessible by the Red RER line and the Yellow line on the Metro. Technically it is not considered a park. But, during the summer they turn it into a family friendly place area. Here you can sprawl on the green and enjoy their outdoor activities. You can play on ping pong tables. Make new friends and play with Duplo Legos. pick up a game of football/soccer. Catch an outdoor musical performance or kids show. Attend the outdoor market. Grab something yummy to eat under and eat outdoors. Watch a show, visit the mall, or just try sit in a Tesla.

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