What to see in the Museum du Louvre with kids

Musee du Louvre captured by Tickets For Four

The Louvre Museum is one of my favorite museums in Paris, France. This is a great experience for any family. While some may say that the Louvre is not centered for children. It can be enjoyed by every member of your family. Originally, the Louvre was the main residence for French kings. In 1793, it became a museum. Today it exhibits over 73,000 m of art and has 35,000 pieces on display. The Louvre Museum is a whole day experience. Block out one whole day on your itinerary for this you will need it.

Getting to the Louvre is fairly easy. One of the most convenient ways for travelers is to utilize the hop on and off tour buses. These buses stop directly in front of the Lourve museum. We suggest the Open Tour bus. A family of four (2 adults and 2 children) can acquire a 3 day pass for 99 euros. That’s a steal! You can also access the Louvre by the Metro. The yellow line leads you directly to the carousel in which you can enter the Louvre from.

Once you are at the Louvre, you actually want to avoid the main entrance. The lines are extremely long. The beast way to enter in through the carousel. You can access by using the entrance pictured above for the shortest wait time.

While waiting to get through security and to get your tickets enjoy the carousel. After you make your way through security, you can purchase your tickets at the counter. Last year, we were able to visit the Louver for FREE on Bastille Day. From the research I have done the Louvre admission will be FREE once again on Bastille Day 2019. If you are not visiting during Bastille Day, the Louvre museum is also FREE on the first Saturday of the month from 6:00 pm-9:45 pm. The regular admission price is 15 euros. There is also a Audio guide available for extra charge.

One things that is important is that you need to plan before visiting the Louvre. Look at their website and decide what you really want to see so you can make the most of your visit. Of course if your kids are like mine they have seen Courage the Cowardly Dog and can easily identify some pieces in the museum. These pieces we knew for sure we wanted to see. Then we also had some icon pieces we wanted to see as well. While there are many things to see in the Louvre. We put together a list of iconic and easily recognizable pieces for the kids. This list is in no particular order. Except for number one. When visiting the Louvre work your way from top to bottom it is the most efficient way.

  1. The Mona Lisa

The history of “Who is Mona Lisa?” is still a mystery. Some say that it is of Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a Florentine. Who was a cloth merchant named Francesco del Giocondo. This aims at the alternative title for this piece, La Gioconda. It seems that Leonardo took the completed portrait to France rather than giving it to the person who commissioned it. The Mona Lisa is located on the top floor. This is also where you should start.You will want to get here first as it can be extremely crowded throughout the day. Then you will have to use your zoom to get a good picture over rows of peoples heads. Luckily we have some tall family members.

2. Venus de Milo 

Aphrodite, known as the “Venus de Milo” (100 BC, Cyclades, Greece). The Venus de Milo was discovered in 1820. She was found on the island of Melos in the south-western Cyclades. The big question behind this pieces is… Is it Aphrodite, who was often portrayed half-naked? Or can it be the sea goddess Amphitrite, who was venerated on Melos? You decide. This piece is located in room 346 on the ground floor in the Sully wing. She is in the Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities section of the museum.

3. Giuseppe Arcimboldo Four Seasons and Winter pieces.

I had originally learned about Giuseppe Arcimboldo pieces in grade school. I was excited to know that both of my children had seen these same paintings in Art class. Both pieces are located right next to each other.

4. Moai Sculpture

This piece is a head portion of a Moai sculpture. This is originally from Easter Island. You will find it in the Pavillon des Sessions. This piece is truly breath taking. You will be in awe as it takes your breath away momentarily being in its presence.

5. Great Sphinx of Tanis

The Sphinx is a creature with the body of a lion and the head of a king. This is the largest Spinx outside of Egypt. You can find this on the ground floor in the Sully wing room 338.

6. Mummy of a Man

This is a well preserved mummy of an adult man who lived during the Ptolemaic Period. His name can be read as either Pachery or Nenu. This is also located in the Sully wing on the ground floor room 338. As you can see from the photo, it can get very crowded.

7. Horus

This statues represent Horus in a hybrid form. He is depicted as a man with the head of a falcon. This statue depicts Horus holding the vase containing the ritual water in his raised hands; this vase is now missing. This piece is located in the Sully Wing ground floor room 334. I particularly enjoy the way the shadow plays a part in viewing this piece.

8. Paestan red-figure calyx krater

Python has drawn inspiration from a theme from Greek mythology. The art depicted on this piece draws from the battle between the Theban hero Cadmus and the dragon. To avenge his companions who had been massacred by the snake Cadmus decided to fight it and killed it. This piece is located in the Sully Wing on the first floor room 261.

9. La Liberté Guidant le Peuple by Eugène Delacroix

In this piece the Paris uprising of July 27, 28, and 29, 1830, known as the Trois Glorieuses (“Three Glorious Days”) is depicted. The uprising was initiated by the liberal republicans for violation of the Constitution by the Second Restoration government. You will see this painting on everything in the gift shop. This is also apart of French history.

10. Les Noces de Cana by Paolo Veronese

This piece is located right across from The Mona Lisa. It is so large that it
covers an entire wall from floor to ceiling. This piece depicts a bible story told by John the Apostle. This is the event where Christ performs the miracle of turning water into wine.

11. Hieroglyphics

The hieroglyphics are on display throughout the Egyptian exhibit. You are able to walk into a small room and be withing the walls of this ancient hieroglyphics. Make sure to take lost of pictures because you know at some point they will be doing a project on it.

12. Pyramid created by I.M. Pei’s

One of the most iconic symbols outside of the Louvre stands the Pyramid created by I.M. Pei’s.The pyrmaid was designed as the main entrance to the museum. Its transparent steel and glass framework allows visitors to admire the palace facades from the lobby beneath.

I.M. Pei’s Pyramid captured by Tickets For Four
Under the Pyramid created by I.M. Pei’s captured by Tickets For Four

The Louvre Museum is a whole day experience. Block out one whole day on your itenary for this you will need it. For the most part you will be walking it so prepare for that. Bathrooms inside the Carousel have to be paid for. If you wait until you are in the Louvre restrooms are FREE. Some of the restrooms have family rooms. These lines to can be lengthy but please be patient and respectful of the staff that are working there.

Enjoy some lunch at the The Café Mollien in the Louvre. This cafe looks out over the garden. It is a beautiful spot to enjoy your meal amongst the art. Please remember that when taking pictures there is no flash photography. You can take plenty of pictures but no flash please.

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  1. My husband and I visited the Louvre back in 2000 when we lived in Switzerland. I can remember visiting on a particular evening when it was either free (or discounted) to enter and we went through an underground entrance to avoid the crowds. It’s such an amazing gallery and I can’t wait to take my kids back there one day.


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