Around the World Country Study Booklet


One of the things we do with the kids before going on a trip is educate them about our destination. This can involve countless hours of finding information that we deem child appropriate. This helps to get them better prepared for our trip and to have a better understanding of where they are going. I will usually use YouTube videos or, books to help educate them on our upcoming trip. Although, I am always looking for new way to engage their learning. Our friends over at Mouse Travel Matters created the Around the World Country Study Booklet which is a great asset to prep for any family travel. The Around the World Country Study Booklet is a coloring book on a specific country.

There are many countries and states available for purchase. Each study booklet comes as a .PDF file. It is very easy to print out at home. The study booklet comes with 10 coloring pages filled with fun facts. Two sheets are printed on one sheet of printing paper at home. This helps to reduce and save you from using excess paper. You can simply either fold or cut the pages to make your booklet. Then you can simply staple the booklet together.

I decided to use my study booklet in a three-hole binder. We just used our hole puncher to create the holes. When traveling by car, the kids have a binder set up with crayons to keep them busy. This was a great addition to their binder and kept them entertained while learning something. The graphics in the coloring book are in an outline format. The children can color them just like they would any coloring booklet. I loved that the characters could be created to their likeness.

We had the “All About The United Kingdom” booklet as we are preparing for a London trip. The booklet contained United Kingdom geography, fun facts, and city icons. My children not only enjoyed coloring the booklet but learning new information as well. The graphics are kid friendly and the kids actually found the facts interesting. I was even given a quiz on the fun facts once they where done coloring the booklet. This was a great way for our little artists to learn about the United Kingdom.

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