Exploring Olde Mystic Village

Exploring Olde Mystic Village is one of my favorite thing to do in Mystic and is a must do when visiting Mystic,CT. Olde Mystic Village is located right next door to the Mystic Aquarium. It is a little village filled with all sorts of shops, restaurants, and even a movie theater. Olde Mystic Village can be enjoyed at any time during the year. This is a popular destination so even with plenty of parking finding a spot can be difficult. The good news is that Parking is FREE.

Old Mystic Village Map captured by Tickets For Four

I prefer to park in the parking lot North of sections 8 and 26-28. I walk to section 9-11 and start my adventure there. I will share some of my favorite shops and stops in the village.

The Toy Soldier captured by Tickets For Four

The first shop you will encounter is The Toy Soldier. This will probably be one of the kids’ favorite shop since this is a toy shop! It was actually one of the first shop to open in Olde Mystic Village in 1973. It is a family owned business that optimizes on the customer experience. I will tell you that is completely true because the people working here are so kind and friendly. This shop has toys, puzzles, collectibles, and a whole room dedicated to stuffed animals. Plus, so much more. There is a little Calico Critter set for little ones to explore and even a wooden train set.

Becca Rose sign captured by Tickets For Four

As you continue on the path, you will encounter one of my favorite shop in Olde Mystic Village, Becca Rose. This shop is dedicated to a holistic approach of healing the body. This includes emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental aspects of the body. This shop is filled with all sorts of comforting items for yourself.

This shop is filled with all things comforting. A colorful wall of cold press natural soap. There is natural creams and hand balms. You can even sample some. My kids loved sampling the hand balms and the crystal section. Natural products for hair and makeup. An aromatherapy section. They also sell the most comfortable blankets, sweaters, and socks you will ever feel. The staff is very friendly, helpful and will answer all of your questions.

Colorful Wall of Soap by Tickets For Four
Franklin’s General Store sign captured by Tickets For Four

After you are done visiting Becca Rose, head on over to Franklin’s General Store for some toasted Almonds or Cashews.

Take your time to look around and see what treats you may find. You can find venison jerky, rainbow popcorn, and toys in this general store. Don’t forget to get in line to try a fudge sample. This place can get really tight when it is busy. I would recommend leaving your stroller outside as it can be tight to maneuver a chunky stroller.

After looking around the General store head back outside with your treats. The children will stand in amazement and enjoy the spinning wind ornaments at Penguins Otters and Others.

Friends in Mystic by Tickets For Four

If you are visiting in the warmer season you might be greeted by some friends when walking though Olde Mystic Village.

While you are there, don’t forget to visit Sofia’s Mystical Christmas. They have beautiful ornaments and Christmas decorations. The children will love the wall of Nutcrackers and the collectible character items. Maybe they can even take one home.

Tickets For Four

Tickets For Four

Tickets For Four

Once you are done browsing, take the family over to Sticky Situations for a little family fun. This shop specializes in raw honey, local honey, honey butter, and honey mustard. They also specialize in maple syrup, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and dry pasta. The best part is this shop is also an expansive tasting room. 

Sticky Situations sign captured by Tickets For Four

Most items available for purchase are also available to sample. You just take a new disposable stick for every sample. The kids will enjoy trying all the different honey flavors. They may also regret certain combination flavors. This is a fun experience and you may even leave with some new honey.

The Plant Boutique sign captured by Tickets For Four
Tickets For Four

You Can stop at the Plant Boutique before heading for a sweet treat with your children. This is another of my favorite shop in the village. This shop is filled with beautiful plants inside and out. The staff is very friendly and will answer any questions you have about their items. Your little ones may even get the chance to see the store’s fish mascots.

Munson’s Chocolates captured by Tickets For Four

Now time for a reward for those little feet. With all the shopping and walking, they are just hoping for something to eat now. Stop in at Munson’s Chocolates. There is plenty to choose and you can even grab something for yourself. With a counter of fudge, shelves of chocolates, and frozen chocolate bananas you will find something for everyone.

You can enjoy your treats by the pond!

Make sure to ahead over to Alice in the Village for something to quench your thirst. Alice in The Village is a tea room inspired by “Alice In Wonderland”. Your little ones will step into a tea room world of “Alice in Wonderland”. You will see plenty of items from Alice to the Mad hatter. If they are not hosting an event, you can sit within the tea room and enjoy your beverage. Have you ever tried Bubble Tea? Well now is the time. Alice in the Village has plenty of options for everyone and some good Bubble tea. If you are not sure what to order you can always ask the staff as they are always full of great advice.

Bubble Tea at Alice in the Village by Tickets For Four
Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts at Alice in the Village by Tickets for Four

That is my list of my favorite shops in Olde Mystic Village so far. There is so much more to see and do. The Village holds special events during the seasons. Make sure to visit and let us know what you think!

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  1. We love Mystic!! We usually do a quick stop on the way to the Cape but we’ll have to spend a little more time there next time we go.


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