British Airways A380 Boston, MA

British Airways A380 by Tickets for Four

With our trip approaching , we had already done a lot of research on which airlines we would choose. With having children, comfort was important as well as service. We decided on traveling with British Airways for our Paris, France trip. We are sure glad we did!

Our trip included a 6 hour and 20 minutes  trip with one stop in London. We would take off at night and arrive in the morning. British Airways offers a rewards program using  Avios Rewards. You are able to set up a household account as well so you can receive rewards for all of the members of your family. Which I do recommend signing up for. You can also access the BA app and look up flight information and see if there are any flight delays listed, your departure gate, and e.c.t. Our first flight from Boston to London was an A380. This plane is huge and includes two floors. The top floor has 2-4-2 seating style and the bottom is 3-4-3 in the economy (World Traveler) section. We opted for the top floor .This worked out great since both of our children could get a window seat. A great win for the parents!

Paddington Looking Home by Tickets for Four

Paddington Looking Home by Tickets for Four

This flight had priority boarding for passengers with small children or for others who need extra time to acclimate themselves. This was a great unexpected surprise since I was worried about getting blankets,headphones, and stuffed animals ready for the long flight. Once boarded the plane, we were greeted by some of the most wonderful staff. They asked each of our children their names and actually remembered them throughout the flight. Which made the trip extra special for our little ones. The flight itself was uneventful, smooth and quiet you could barely tell you were on a plane unless, you looked out the window. The engines on the A380 are really quiet during all the phases of the flight. You could sleep , relax, watch movies, or enjoy the view from the window Which my son made sure that Paddington did.

Dinner was served during our flight and we were pleasantly surprised. Even our pickiest critics approved of their in flight meals and snacks. After landing in London Heathrow we switched on the last leg of our journey to Paris, France. We flew on the A319 which was about a 45 minute flight finally landing in Paris, France. On this part of our journey we were joined by our previous flight attendant who was now a passenger.

   With some first time flyers in our group we were very happy with our flight. British Airways gave preferences to families and those who needed a little extra time to settle in during boarding. This was very thoughtful. They truly did care about the experience of their passengers. The staff was amazing, very friendly, and attentive. The pilots did an amazing job as always. This was a very comfortable experience. British Airways sets the bar for other airline companies when it comes to the experience of their passengers. The only way to fly is with #FlyBA.

   On our return trip we flew on a A320 from Paris to London. We felt that this flight had more leg room than the previous aircraft (A319). This plane is set up with two rows of three seats. The flights from Paris to London and vice versa are pretty self explanatory they are quick with paid refreshments. No entertainment however.  You can tell this is a leg route that is done multiple times throughout the day.  There are many business professionals on this flight. Even though, this route is usually full. The British Airways staff always makes sure to make everyone comfortable. Make sure to grab a Kit-Kat for your little ones to enjoy on the refreshment cart.

Sleeping Beauty by Tickets for Four

Sleeping Beauty by Tickets for Four

    From London to home (Boston), we flew on the B777 200 ER. We felt very little turbulence throughout the flight. This aircraft also seemed to have better leg room than the A380 economy (World Traveller) class. This plane contains three rows. One middle row of three and both side isles rows of three seats each. As always when possible, try and grab a window seat. Your little ones will enjoy seeing themselves above the clouds.The children enjoyed their free on-flight entertainment. After another yummy dinner, the lights where dimmed and it was time to rest. Our little ones were very comfy and did not want to wake up during the flight. Even with their favorite entertainment and snacks. For those of us who stood awake. The attendants came by with plenty of drinks and snacks throughout the trip. As we flew closer to our destination, the “sunrise” of lights began and breakfast was served. The wonderful pilots of British Airways informed us that we would be landing soon. As we were glad to be home, we were sad that our British Airways experience would be ending soon. As we exited the aircraft we said our goodbyes to the amazing staff.

Cloud View by Tickets for Four

Cloud View #A380 by Tickets for Four

     We truly enjoyed our flying experience with British Airways. Everyone was always very friendly, helpful, and courteous. The flight itself was smooth and comfortable. I always advise those who travel to use British Airways when possible. Whenever it is possible will always #FlyBA. #A380

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