A Winter Weekend in Montreal, QC

Skating in the Old Port in Montreal,QC by Tickets For Four

One of my favorite city in the world is Montreal,QC. There is something there for every traveler. No matter the season there is always something happening in Montreal. So when is it a good time to travel to Montreal? Well anytime actually. Just be aware that in the winter seasons temperatures can be frigid at times. Don’t let that stop your Winter Weekend in Montreal though.

One of your first stops in planning your Montreal trip is their Discover Montreal website. Here you can discover lists of activities happening during your travel dates. Usually, when I began my planning on any trip I start here. One of the best areas to stay is in Downtown Montreal or in the Old Port. On this particular winter weekend, we stayed just outside of Montreal in Boucherville and chose to drive to old port and downtown Montreal for the day. It is less than 20 minutes drive. Another short trip from Montreal is Ottawa. For a list of what to do in Ottawa click here.

Purple in the Sky by Tickets for Four

Montreal is a beautiful destination during the holidays. The streets are wonderfully decorated and lit up for the festive occasion. There is plenty to do including the Enclosed Ferris Wheel and ice skating at the Old Port. You can also attend a Holiday festival.

Eggspectation Morning by Tickets For Four

Start your day with a delicious breakfast and coffee at Eggspectations. There are many locations and you can not go wrong at any of them. This is our favorite breakfast place in Montreal. They do have kids menu which includes delicious fluffy chocolate chip pancakes and much more. This is a great start to any trip.

On this particular day it began snowing so we decided to take our adventure into the underground mall. If you are not familiar with the underground mall in Montreal. It is basically what it sounds like an underground mall. It includes numerous amount of stores, restaurants, and even a Barbie museum. It allows access to shop when there is bad weather.

Tallest Barbie by Tickets For Four

Once night arrived we made our way down to the Old Port. We were greeted by a beautifully lit up Downtown and Old Port. In the old Port, if your are able to get street parking that is great. Otherwise, you should park in the paid parking lot. You make your way from there into a winter wonderland. There is a public ice skating rink, fire pit stations to warm up and the glowing Ferris Wheel in the background. There are also workers who walk around with free hot chocolate If you choose to skate, there is a rental kiosk and lockers available. The Enclosed Ferris wheel is another option to those who wish to see the city from a different view.

As mentioned, There are several “warm up areas” when you need some relief from the cold. There are seating areas and blankets to rest as well. There was also movies to watch while you warmed up with the heat lamps. On this particular night Jack Frost was being played on a big screen.

Singing Carols at the Old Port by Tickets For Four

While making our way up to the old port we were greeted with the singing of Carolers. Warm Fire pits throughout the area. A character  penguin. A lady in a snow globe. Family games to play. Hot wine for the adults to help  warm up.

Lady in the Globe by Tickets For Four

Snow branches in the Old Port by Tickets For Four
Play for 300 by Tickets for Four
Firewood smoke by Tickets for Four

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